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e-finity is versatile and compact, lending itself to use in almost any workplace. There are countless applications for portable data collection in Fire & Life Safety, Healthcare, Insurance, Security, and Utility as well as other industries. Virtually any business that relies on data currently captured via paper forms is an e-finity candidate.

  • Fire & Life Safety providers can conduct safety reviews and deliver required regulatory reports before leaving the inspection site. We have an extensive library of NFPA Life Safety inspection forms ready to use. Our forms are customizable too, for greater flexibility to meet your needs.

  • Insurance field representatives can render survey responses to the office computer for nearly instantaneous compiled results. Use this information in your risk assessment for insurance estimates.

  • Asset protection companies receive statistics within minutes of agents' rounds. Use the NFPA 731 Security Inspection on Pocket PCs and send the results to your office over a wireless connection.

  • Use e-finity to gather utility pole information. You can use a digital camera on your Pocket PC and include the photograph as part of the report. With GPS, you can establish absolute locations for the equipment you service, making re-visits to sites faster and more efficient.

  • Manufacturing firms demand immediate quality control and inventory information.

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